Install an Entry Alert for Maximum Protection

The goal of a security system is to protect the home or property that the system is installed on. A security system accomplishes this goal by securing every entry point to a home. A great advantage of having a security system as opposed to another type of system protect your home is that a security system can also be linked directly to an outside security company or even directly to the police department. This allows for maximum efficiency when responding to a potential threat. A security system operates by sending out a series of alerts that are used to notify these agencies when your security system has been compromised.

The DA50L-A is the perfect entrance alert kit for your home or business
The DA50L-A is the perfect entrance alert kit for your home or business

An entrance alarm can be placed on every single entry point to your home. This could include doors, windows, garage doors, even attic ventilation shafts and cellar doors. The more protected points there are within the home, the more secure your home will be. An entry alarm is generally composed of two metal connectors that are armed when the two connectors are touching. When a window is opened, or a door is opened, the metal connectors separate, the connection is lost, and the entry alarm goes off. This system works very well because it is very low tech, and does not rely on complicated sensors and faulty electronics to detect an intruder.

An entry alert system can also be installed on any other area of your property that you wish to have secured. For example, a security system could be set up to protect a pasture fence or the back gate to an estate. All of these entry points need to be secured and an entrance alarm allows you to do just that. The entrance alert will signal when the two connectors on the gate have been disconnected. This entry alert signal could be relayed to a police department, the security center, or even to the property owner’s cell phone. This technology allows for a property owner to always maintain protection over his or her estate and to have complete control over who comes and who goes on their land. An entrance alert system is very effective at managing entry points to a home or property, and is very cost effective to install. An entry alert is the most effective way of catching an intruder before they even reach your property and thwarting any potential criminals from breaking into your home or property.

It Gets No Better Than Entry Alert Systems

Entry alarm systems are very reliable and should be included on every home owner list of priorities. Why not keep you and your family alerted by taking advantage of this cost-effective, easy to manage solution. It is absolutely the best way to track any movement within a room(s) or doorway whenever and wherever. The entry alarm systems will totally eliminate the element of surprise and (or) the factor of not knowing when a door or window is being opened.

Thanks to entrance alarm systems, sneaking up on someone has been outlawed. There are a lot of available systems that are equipped to handle and monitor rooms and doorways of any size. Some entrance alarm systems are much louder than others. As you would tend to think, the loud systems are perfect for large commercial areas, and the quieter systems are more for homes.


Entrance alert systems are without a doubt necessary when attempting to make specific areas more secure. They can detect visitors, customers, couriers and most importantly, intruders. There are a lot of services available to consider; such as, infrared sensors to detect any movement of vehicles and people, service station air hose, and magnetic sensors to detect any movement of metal like trucks, ATVs, scooters, cars and so forth. Lets not forget driveways, the following two services you will have to choose from are both great choices –

This long range entrance alert system, the DA-2500, features wireless capabilities alongside its long range features
This long range entrance alert system, the DA-2500, features wireless capabilities alongside its long range features

wired driveway alarms or wireless driveway alarms.

Entry alert systems are ideal for business entries, walkways, boats, yards and so on. All you have to do is set the wireless receiver where you feel is the best place for it to be able to detect any movement. Once it does detect any movement, it will let out a soft, beautiful chime to alert you. With that in mind, be sure to install the systems where your children cannot reach them. The pleasant chime will certainly entice them to toy with the entry alert systems.

The wireless, waterproof entrance alert systems are great for locations that are near water; such as, poolsides, and yards with sprinklers. The smart sensors are free from false triggering, but nothing is guaranteed. If to experience a false trigger, look at it as if that is its way to keep you alert. Every home and business should have (if not) a few, then at least one system to keep you aware of everything that trespass on the area you chose to place the system.

Use an Entry Alarm to Ward Off Criminals

An entry alarm can be installed on a house or property to help ward off potential criminals. An entry alarm can come in many forms, but all of them work in the

same basic manner. When an entry alert is installed, it will send a signal to the receiver when it is tripped. This signal can then be used to contact the authorities of a possible threat, or used to lock down the home or property. An entry alert is typically installed on the exterior doors of a home or on the windows of a home. The actual entrance alarm is an electronic sensor that has two leads. When these leads are connected, the alarm is armed. When one of the leads is disconnected, by a door or window being opened, the connection is lost, and the alarm will sound.


The wireless door/window entrance alert can easily be tied into your current security set-up to beef up your protection
The wireless door/window entrance alert can easily be tied into your current security set-up to beef up your protection

An entry alarm can also be used to lock down a home if it is tripped. For example, if an entry alert is placed on a front door, it could be connected electronically to the locking mechanism of the door. Whenever this alarm is tripped, the electronic locking mechanism of the front door would engage and the door would lock. This would prevent the potential intruder from accessing the house, and his attempts to break in would be thwarted.

An entrance alert could also be installed on a property fence or gate. If a person has an estate with acreage, they will often times install a security fence around the perimeter of the property to stop people from coming through their fence, and onto their property. A gate on a fence could have this entrance alarm installed and the alarm would send a signal to the security company whenever the alarm is tripped. The entrance alert could also have an audible signal which would go off is anybody triggered the fence gate. This alarm would attract anybody within a one mile radius, and the potential trespasser would leave immediately. There is technology now available that would actually allow the entrance alert to be sent to a cell phone, so the property owner would know if and when someone were to trespass on his property. He could then contact the authorities, or take care of the problem himself. These alerts are excellent ways to protect a home or property and will pay for themselves ten times over in the event of a potential intrusion.

What Is An Entry Alarm And How Can It Protect My Home?

You may have heard a lot about security lately and it seems as though as times continue to be rough, that crime continues to grow. You have to do everything you possibly can to keep your home safe and an entry alarm may help you accomplish some of your security goals without breaking the bank.

Entry alert works by alerting you if the door or window to your home is opened while the alarm is activated and in use. You can set this in the daytime or at night time and it is not strictly for use while you are asleep. If you spend time in your home alone, or have your family there, you can easily set the alarm and you will feel more secure in this space.

If you have small children they may at some point try to open doors or windows in the home and this can create a very dangerous situation in a very short time frame. When you use an entrance alarm you will be notified quickly if a door is opened and you can then investigate the situation to ensure the safety of any small children that are in your home.

When you are using your entry alarm at night, you may find that you actually sleep better knowing if anyone tries to enter or leave your home, you will be alerted and you can check it out very quickly. You should never live in fear in your own home and the right entry alarm can calm your fears and help you to be comfortable at all times.

Your entrance alert can also be placed on the exterior door that leads to the backyard, or backside of your home. When you protect both your front and back door you will have all of the points covered. You can also use entry alert for a garage door that leads into the interior of your home and this may be a consideration also.

The right entrance alarm can protect your home in many ways and you will want to make sure that you are always taking a proactive stance about good security.

Protect Your Home With An Entrance Alert

There is nothing scarier then thinking that someone is in your home uninvited and this is especially true at night when you are sleeping. When you use good security measures like a entrance alert, it can make you feel safer and you will not be awoken at night due to strange noises. With the right entrance alert you will know that no one can stumble into your home uninvited without you being notified.

There are many reasons that you may want to practice good security in your home. You may have a family living under your roof and it is your job to protect them to the best of your ability. An entrance alarm is a small step you can take that will help to combat crime in your home and everything you do counts. Burglaries have been on the rise and it seems that no neighborhood no matter how safe is free from this type of crime.

Instead of waiting until you are a victim, you may want to purchase an entry alarm and this can be affordable and you will be able to set this alarm and sleep or relax easily in your own home. Many people think that they have to purchase an expensive alarm system with all of the bells and whistles, but in fact using something as simple as an entry alarm can provide you with all of the security that you need.

If you are protecting all of the entrances and exits to your home with an entrance alert, you will be taking a great step in practicing good security, you just need to make sure that you are using an entry alert that you will use on a regular basis. Your alarm should be simple to use and this will help you to set it each time you are in your home and use it faithfully.

The right entrance alarm will make a big difference in your home and if you have not had adequate security, this is one small measure that can make a big difference if someone tries to open your door uninvited

Protect Your Home With an Entry Alarm

When you walk through your front door your security system gives a quick chime letting you know that the front door has been opened. This is an incredibly secure feeling because you know that if you are inside your home you will hear that same chime when someone walks through your front door. This entry alert system allows you time to contact the authorities if someone has entered your house against your will.

An entrance alert can come in many forms. The two that are most common are wireless motion sensors and security contacts. Wireless motion sensors actually produce an infrared signal that covers the specific area of entry. When that area is breached, the entry alert will be notified. The signal will then be sent automatically to the receiver and the entry alarm will sound. Common types of entry alarms include a chime, buzzer, strobe light, or siren.

The second most common type of entry alert is a security contact. Metallic contacts are installed around the edges of the doors and windows that you wish secured. When these metal contacts are touching, your home is secure. When these metal contacts are separated, the entrance alarm is notified and the entrance alert can then be sounded. This type of entry alarm is less expensive than the infrared type, but it is also much easier to tamper with.

It is important to take into consideration your specific security needs when picking your entrance alarm system. Do you require maximum security protection or do you simply wish to feel more secure in your own home? Do you own a business or a large home and wish to protect against any conceivable threat? Do you have expensive items within your home or business that would be a great loss if stolen? Have you had security threats or breaches in the past? These are all very important items to consider when picking your security system which is why we are here to guide you through your security system planning process. Our experts will work with you to ensure that you have a security system which meets your every need!

Entrance Alerts And Alarms: A Key To Home Security

Whether you are single or you have a family security is important. Taking the time to protect the things that are important to you is essential if you hope to have peace of mind. There are several ways to secure your assets, but one of the most effective ways is to invest in a security system. It may not seem like much but studies have shown all things being equal most burglars avoid homes with security systems. And the most obvious first security step is to get an entrance alarm.

An entrance alarm makes the homeowner and the security company know when someone has entered the premises without the proper access code. Many of the systems have an entry alarm that sounds when someone opens a door or window without disarming the system. The entry alarm can be a life saver. The noise can startle the intruder and alert the homeowner and nearby neighbors. Many times this entrance alert will be enough to scare off most intruders.

A good security company will assess your home and install an entrance alert on all windows and doors that allow entry into the home. Once an entry alert is installed on all the windows and doors a security pad with a code is usually installed either near the door, in the master bedroom or both. The home owner is then given a code which will arm and disarm the system. Some people choose to install security systems that arm themselves automatically at specific preset times.

Security systems have improved dramatically in the past few decades. Today their are systems that can be armed and disarmed remotely and can be used in conjunction with security cameras, internal and external lights and automatic on and off switches for radios and televisions. These innovations make it difficult for potential intruders to know exactly when the homeowner is or is not home.

You cannot put a price on safety and peace of mind. The cost of installing and monitoring a security system with an entry alert is a small price to pay to ensure your loved ones’ safety.

An Entry Alarm Could Save Your Life

Security has become big business. With the economy in a negative situation, there are more folks concerned about their safety, and rightfully so. Most folks have some kind of security system at their residence. They are rightfully aware of others who have negative intentions for their property and have installed entry alerts so they know when another person comes in. When a door opens, the entry alert sends a beep or some other sign to notify you.

These are great tools if all you want is notification when the entrance alert detects the presence of another person whom you do not expect or desire on your property.
However, finding out a person is in your home is not very much good if your system does nothing more than tell you. What if you are in the restroom? You may not have a phone there to call the authorities and let them know your entry alert detected a breach in the system. You might have your hands full changing a baby’s diaper and cannot get to the entry alarm to prevent further difficulties. Or you could even hear the entrance alert, then try to trip the entrance alarm, but trip yourself and never get to the alarm. In the midst of the panic that could easily ensue, would you want to risk your safety? As you can see, an entrance alert may not meet your needs.
An entrance alarm may well be the device you seek. The entry alarm signals the proper authorities when the system detects an intruder. It does not need your input. It can be programmed for varying levels of security. This system is much faster and safer for those who need the added security.

The entrance alarm can be easily disabled in the event of a false detection with a quick phone call to the authorities. Indeed, any good entry alarm will have the proper authorities notified and they will be quickly calling you, waiting for the all-clear. In the absence of such a response, they can provide quicker response than a mere entry alert can accomplish.

Open Doors & Unwanted Guests Are Quickly Detected With An Entry Alarm

An entrance alarm chime will alert you when anyone enters into the building. This is an excellent way of knowing if a customer comes in, especially if a worker is not always where they can see someone coming in.

In businesses where a clerk has to stock shelves, or do other various tasks that take them away from the entrance, this is a necessity. They are also an excellent item to have added to the stock room.

The entry alarm will go off if anyone enters the stock room, therefore alerting the employees. If the business has more than two doors, all doors should be equipped with an entrance alert alarm.

The entry alert systems can be easily added to a home or a business and with the several different options available, one is sure to find the perfect alarm to fit their needs. Although some entry alarm systems are set up for one door, multiple doors can be protected with one unit. The method of how they work can vary from a magnetic connector that alerts when unconnected, an infrared system that goes off when someone passes through its line of detection or by motion detection.

An entrance alert system is wonderful for the elderly, a parent with small children or for those who live on their own. Some of the alarms can also be used on windows and when used with other security measures it can increase the home and the outside surrounding perimeters security.

A weatherproof entry alert system can be added to a garage, workshop or even a gate and the entrance alarm can be found powered by batteries or plugged into an electrical outlet. All of the units are very easy to install have the option of changing it from an alarm to a chime sound, and the prices will vary between selections based on what options are available in the alarm.

All of the alarms are budget priced low enough that any homeowner or business can afford to add to every door, gate, shed, window and garage to keep your family and your business safe.

The Simple Way to Secure Your Home

Everyone likes to sleep easy at night knowing that your home is secure. The easiest and most cost effective way to do this is by installing an entry alert system. The basic concept is that an entry alarm is placed at every entrance to your home. Whenever that alarm is activated an entry alert signal sounds in the house. For example, if you place an entry alert on the front door to your house it will chime when someone walks through the door. If it is the middle of the day and your children are coming home from school this is nothing to be alarmed at, but if it is the middle of the night and you hear the chime, you are immediately alerted to a potential security threat.

An entrance alarm is the best first line of home defense. The entrance alert signals are loud enough that you will be immediately notified of any sensor that has been activated. You then have the option of contacting the proper authorities if you determine that the entry alarm means there is a potential threat to your safety.

Entrance alarms can be used to secure virtually any space. They can be used on large commercial buildings, small to medium sized homes, or even town homes and condo buildings. The entrance alarm system is very easy to install and one of the most cost effective security measures you can buy for your home. You can install an entrance alert system on any conceivable entry way to your home. The alarms can be installed on interior and exterior doors, windows, screens, basements, or even ventilation shafts.

There are also various types of entry alarms. You could buy a motion detector system which detects motion to trigger the alarm or a simple contact alarm which uses two magnetic contacts to detect when an entryway is breached. Once either of these alarms are triggered they send their alert signal to a receiving box which then relays the desired alert. Depending on your security needs alerts can range from a chime, to a buzzer, a strobe light, or even a siren.