An Entry Alarm Could Save Your Life

Security has become big business. With the economy in a negative situation, there are more folks concerned about their safety, and rightfully so. Most folks have some kind of security system at their residence. They are rightfully aware of others who have negative intentions for their property and have installed entry alerts so they know when another person comes in. When a door opens, the entry alert sends a beep or some other sign to notify you.

These are great tools if all you want is notification when the entrance alert detects the presence of another person whom you do not expect or desire on your property.
However, finding out a person is in your home is not very much good if your system does nothing more than tell you. What if you are in the restroom? You may not have a phone there to call the authorities and let them know your entry alert detected a breach in the system. You might have your hands full changing a baby’s diaper and cannot get to the entry alarm to prevent further difficulties. Or you could even hear the entrance alert, then try to trip the entrance alarm, but trip yourself and never get to the alarm. In the midst of the panic that could easily ensue, would you want to risk your safety? As you can see, an entrance alert may not meet your needs.
An entrance alarm may well be the device you seek. The entry alarm signals the proper authorities when the system detects an intruder. It does not need your input. It can be programmed for varying levels of security. This system is much faster and safer for those who need the added security.

The entrance alarm can be easily disabled in the event of a false detection with a quick phone call to the authorities. Indeed, any good entry alarm will have the proper authorities notified and they will be quickly calling you, waiting for the all-clear. In the absence of such a response, they can provide quicker response than a mere entry alert can accomplish.