Thomas and Betts Buzzer used in Polar Bear Exhibit

I really thought I had seen it all in this business. A couple of days ago I received a call from a curator at a museum in the northeast. They have a very popular polar bear exhibit and the bear was a little sick. The polar bear needed vitamins or some sort of medicine at regularly scheduled intervals. Every four hours, a dispenser pushes out a marshmallow with the medicine inside. The problem was when the bear was asleep. The marshmallow would push out and as the bear slept during the day, a series of them would start to pile up.

Solution: Connect a Thomas and Betts Carlon Buzzer to the actuator that is dispensing the medicine. Every four hours, when the actuator dispensed medicine, the buzzer would produce a buzz to wake up the polar bear. Wild huh? Trust me, I thought I had heard it all and am anticipating video or photos of the buzzer in action.

DH920 Door Chime Buzzer used at Animal Exhibit