Entrance Alerts And Alarms: A Key To Home Security

Whether you are single or you have a family security is important. Taking the time to protect the things that are important to you is essential if you hope to have peace of mind. There are several ways to secure your assets, but one of the most effective ways is to invest in a security system. It may not seem like much but studies have shown all things being equal most burglars avoid homes with security systems. And the most obvious first security step is to get an entrance alarm.

An entrance alarm makes the homeowner and the security company know when someone has entered the premises without the proper access code. Many of the systems have an entry alarm that sounds when someone opens a door or window without disarming the system. The entry alarm can be a life saver. The noise can startle the intruder and alert the homeowner and nearby neighbors. Many times this entrance alert will be enough to scare off most intruders.

A good security company will assess your home and install an entrance alert on all windows and doors that allow entry into the home. Once an entry alert is installed on all the windows and doors a security pad with a code is usually installed either near the door, in the master bedroom or both. The home owner is then given a code which will arm and disarm the system. Some people choose to install security systems that arm themselves automatically at specific preset times.

Security systems have improved dramatically in the past few decades. Today their are systems that can be armed and disarmed remotely and can be used in conjunction with security cameras, internal and external lights and automatic on and off switches for radios and televisions. These innovations make it difficult for potential intruders to know exactly when the homeowner is or is not home.

You cannot put a price on safety and peace of mind. The cost of installing and monitoring a security system with an entry alert is a small price to pay to ensure your loved ones’ safety.