Our Entry Alarm Saved My Sanity

Whether you live alone as a single person or live in a large family with lots of kids, you probably know the sinking feeling that creeps over you when you think you faintly hear your front door opening, but you are supposedly home alone. Maybe you just crawled into bed and settled down with a good book when that tiny creak sounds. You only have a couple of options, neither of which seems good at the time. You can lay there in suspense, wondering what you heard. Or you can reluctantly give up your nice, cozy spot to go on a hunting trip down the hall to see if it really WAS your front door opening.  An entry alarm can save the day!

In a case like that, it would be ideal to have an entrance alarm that would sound if indeed your front door opened. The clear, distinct sound of an entry alert would not leave you wondering what you heard. Believe me, I am a witness to the benefits of having an entry alarm.

Our home is a sprawling, two-story spread with bedrooms at both ends, and an additional two bedrooms upstairs. I can be sitting in my bedroom with no idea whether my two kids are in their bedrooms upstairs or in the den downstairs. Evenings were difficult for me, with both kids working part-time jobs until closing time. It was really grating on my nerves to not know if they had each gotten home from work safely at night. Every night I had to get out of bed and look for traces of their shoes by the front door and their coats flung over the couch.

But the day I got an entrance alert installed, all of that changed. With that entry alarm, the moment my son turns the doorknob and pushes the door open, I know he’s home. I hear the distinct sound of the entrance alarm, and I find myself instantly relaxing. When my daughter arrives home a little later, the faithful entry alert does it’s job again, and I’m a contented, satisfied mom. The entrance alert definitely saved my sanity.