Entry Alerts Add Security to Business

Most small business owners are keen on the physical security of their business property, especially after hours. More often than not, what goes unnoticed is the security of the facility and employees during normal business hours.

If you do not have normal foot traffic coming in and out of your facility, lock the doors, keep people safe. You can always add an easy to install wireless doorbell Dimango. If you do expect foot traffic, deliveries, etc., I would recommend a solid entry alarm. With several to choose from, these entry alerts are easy to install devices that will detect an entrance; whether it is a hallway, door way, bay door, garage door, etc. Whether the entry alert is based on movement or a magnetic contact is disrupted, a wireless signal is sent to a receiver that typically chimes when an alert is received.

Carlon Dimango Entrance Alert for Businesses

We have many to choose from. Please do not hesitate to call or email us for assistance.