Our Entry Alarm Saved My Sanity

Whether you live alone as a single person or live in a large family with lots of kids, you probably know the sinking feeling that creeps over you when you think you faintly hear your front door opening, but you are supposedly home alone. Maybe you just crawled into bed and settled down with a good book when that tiny creak sounds. You only have a couple of options, neither of which seems good at the time. You can lay there in suspense, wondering what you heard. Or you can reluctantly give up your nice, cozy spot to go on a hunting trip down the hall to see if it really WAS your front door opening.  An entry alarm can save the day!

In a case like that, it would be ideal to have an entrance alarm that would sound if indeed your front door opened. The clear, distinct sound of an entry alert would not leave you wondering what you heard. Believe me, I am a witness to the benefits of having an entry alarm.

Our home is a sprawling, two-story spread with bedrooms at both ends, and an additional two bedrooms upstairs. I can be sitting in my bedroom with no idea whether my two kids are in their bedrooms upstairs or in the den downstairs. Evenings were difficult for me, with both kids working part-time jobs until closing time. It was really grating on my nerves to not know if they had each gotten home from work safely at night. Every night I had to get out of bed and look for traces of their shoes by the front door and their coats flung over the couch.

But the day I got an entrance alert installed, all of that changed. With that entry alarm, the moment my son turns the doorknob and pushes the door open, I know he’s home. I hear the distinct sound of the entrance alarm, and I find myself instantly relaxing. When my daughter arrives home a little later, the faithful entry alert does it’s job again, and I’m a contented, satisfied mom. The entrance alert definitely saved my sanity.

The Entrance Alarm And Alert Can Keep Criminals Out And Save Lives And Assets

An entrance alert is an essential security measure. Knowing if someone has entered or is trying to enter a home illegally is important for protecting homeowners and assets. Having an entrance alarm sound can scare off burglars, alert security forces and signal people in the home or business to take defensive measures. This can be as simple as calling police, leaving the structure or securing themselves in a panic room. This can make the difference between life and death because a home or business invasion gone bad can lead burglars to attempt to hurt the people present or hold hostages.

The entrance alarm is a simple way to keep intruders out. Burglars like to work in silence and secrecy. Knowing that the home owner, security service or the police has been alerted to their presence leads most burglars to quickly vacate the property. This makes an entry alert an invaluable part of any security system.

Installing an entry alarm is simple. Security companies just have to place contacts on doors and windows that are connected to a central alarm system. When the contacts are broken without the proper security code being entered into the system an alarm will sound. Usually that is enough to stop the break in.

Combining an entry alert with security cameras can make a home or business even more secure. Some of the cameras are activated when the contacts are broken giving police, security services and home ownners a way to see who the intruder is and where they are attempting to enter the premises. Many of these camaras can be accessed by the home or business owner from a remote location. Several security cameras allow monitoring even if there is no alarm sounded. These systems can be used to alert the police of suspiciuos characters loitering near a home or business.

People often choose an entry alarm that is very loud. This can startle the intruder and alert people nearby. Ideally the best defense against burglars is to prevent them from entering the premises. An entrance alert can effectively to just that with ear-splitting sound.

Protecting the Entry of Your Home

There is one spot in your home that needs the absolute best security and this is the entry to your home. When you have some type of entrance alert you will be able to protect this area and this can help you to feel safer and secure in your own home. It can be disheartening to feel unsafe in the area where you should feel the safest and there is some great entry alarm products that can keep you safe at all times.

When you use an entry alert, you will be notified if someone comes into your front door. An alarm will sound and this can send any thieves running in the opposite direction to get away from this loud sound. You may want to look for an alarm that is loud enough to wake you up if you are sleeping when a potential forced entry may occur. You can look at the decibels and decide how many you need to be the most effective for your home.

Your entrance alarm is also a great idea if you have teenagers living at home and if they try to leave the home at night without permission, you will have a great entrance alert to notify you. So a entry alert can have more than one purpose and this can be a great way to sleep comfortably, knowing your entrance alarm is in place and you can rely on it and it should be very easy to install and you can begin using it right away. You may not need a professional to install this alarm for you and this can make it a tool that you will be able to use the day it arrives and you will not have to wait for a service call.

An entry alarm can keep your entire family safe and this is one of the simplest, but a very effective form of home security. Security is something that should be a top priority for everyone and this may be the first step in protecting your entire home because a burglary can happen at any time.

Featuring the Cord-less Door Chime Alert


I am often surprised at how many companies don’t have any sort of entrance alert product in order to forewarning employees when a door is opened. These items aren’t expensive and so are easy to install.  Most of the time if companies do not have these products it is either because they are not aware at how inexpensive they are or they do not see the actual threat imposed to them.
The actual cordless door chime entrance forewarning is a great first step if you are hoping to begin to secure your business home. Currently, this will not be the actual level of your protection project, but is a great place to start. Utilizing sound in order to scare off an intruder is a wonderful way to maintain your home safe. One of the best parts about these cordless door chime units is that they are actually the base to get more advanced programs, meaning that you will be able to make use of the same sensors that you’ve currently installed.

Regrettably, the vast majority of thieves would not sound doorbells before these people come in. That is kind of an evident declaration, however it was said to help you get thinking about it. Wouldn’t it end up being great in the event you had the ability to make your doorway sound when no door buzzer is rung? With the help of a cord-less door chime would undoubtedly lead to quicker installation and be a great home security solution. It is never too soon to get started with thinking of safe guarding your house, so why not get started with an effective, very simple alternative like the cord-less entrance alarm?

The Advantages Of the Cord less Chime

  • Easy to install – these products are easy, DIY products
  • No wires to run – this means you don’t have to hire an electrician
  • Low cost – these products work as well as wired and don’t cost much either
  • Easy to replace and maintain
  • Work extremely well and are reliable

The actual cord-free door chime is a tool that may be set off once a transmitter detects movement in the opening of a entrance or any other place being supervised. Now when nobody is supposed to be inside the house, the actual cord-less entrance chime is started, leading to the tone in order to sound a , noisy alarm that hopefully will scare off virtually any thief or even intruder.

These can produce outstanding first steps in introducing home security measures to your home. Cord-less doorway chimes may be ordered in almost any hardware outlet with regard to almost no cost in comparison to some other safety solutions. You can generally get hold of a good rudimentary cord-less entry chime for under $40, dependant upon the brand name.

Currently it goes without saying, you don’t want to go very inexpensive, mainly because it’s possible you’ll worry that it’s not going to perform once the time comes, which means that it really is recommended to go with the actual midrange solution. You are likely to have high quality dependability using your unit not having most of the added special features you really don’t require.

Among the actual nicest components related to cord-less entry chime units is the fact that these people are incredibly trouble-free to install. The reason is that they can be … well… cord-less! The system recognizes the particular signaling because of the actual related sensor, thus all you have to do is put in the actual battery packs for the doorbell, screw the actual motion sensor transmitter to the entranceway as well as you have a good set up entrance chime system.

Exactly how the actual cord-less entry chime works is any time the particular sensor detects motion, the detector straight away sends an invisible alert towards the doorbell receiver. The actual receiving unit then recognizes the signal and thus starts a gentle note. If the entrance alarm armed pleasant sound turns into a high-pitch, pointed, and intensely loud sound which will possess just about any intruder terrified. The actual concept is that once the intruder hears the alarm system, they are going to quit his / her lawbreaker escapades as well as quickly departure the actual property.


Purchase New and Improved Door Entry Security

A lot of people these days want the things that they need in the most efficient way possible, and more often than not, this is online. Even when it comes to things like door entry security, you can find everything that you want and more by doing a little browsing online. This is one way that home owners and business owners alike are able to make a difference in the way that they protect the entry points into places that matter to them, and they are able to find the things that they need in not that much time by browsing online.

If you would like to find yourself some door chimes for businesses so that you know the moment someone comes in and leaves your establishment, this is something that you can find with relative ease on various websites online.   The DC-1000 Long Range Wireless Chime is a great product to serve as a business door chime.  This is a long range chime and the reason we are recommending this chime over other is because of the range that it offers.  At 1000 feet line-of-site it has the extra muscle needed in commercial environments which will typically have more metal, steel, concrete, etc. that traditional homes do.  All of these products will diminish the signal strength so the extra strength is needed.  As a bonus, this chime features a very bright LED that flashes when the wireless button is pressed.  This enables people to “see” that someone is at the door, which is also good in noisy, business environments.


And the best part about shopping for these types of items online is that you can access all types of reviews and commentary from other consumers much like yourself as well.

All it takes is a bit of time out of your busy day and you will be able to make a huge difference on the way that you protect what is important to you. Whether it is your home or your office space, or even your retail store front, you can be sure that this is something that you can learn more about with relative ease in not very much time at all if you are so inclined to do such a thing.

Get Better Door Entry Security for Your Property

A lot of people want to learn more about the ways that they can be proactive against potential crimes against their property or employees, and one of the ways that people are doing such a thing is through door entry security. If this is something that you would like to learn more about as individuals or as property owners, then there are plenty of online resources that you can use to your benefit. Whether this is something that you know a lot about, or you want to just see what other people are saying about the subject the online world is a great place to do just that.

The best thing about making sure the entrance to your home or your business is protected is that it gives you such a great peace of mind. In not much time at all, you will be able to be sure that you have made the right decision for any system, whether it is a door alarm, a video surveillance, or anything else under the sun that you would be interested in potentially implementing so safeguard your property.

Find out about all of the options that are out there and available to you as a consumer and you will be able to really make a difference in the way that you feel your personal or professional environment is regulated. All it takes is a few minutes out of your busy day to do some research and you could be quite thankful that you did such a thing.

Quick information on Entry Alerts

Entrance Alerts are most placed on doors as a way of notifying the premise’s owner that there are customers, couriers or visitors in the premises. The Entry Alert systems is used in commercial areas and for domestic purposes around the home. They come in wireless versions which are then mounted on the doors or besides the point of entry after which they are able to alert the person whenever he or she could be in the building of any entrances. They are ideal for homes, warehouses, farms and small businesses.

Entry alarm systems are used in commercial door to give the store owner or the warehouse owner peace of mind since even though he may not be around to monitor who enters the premises, he will be aware when someone enters the area. The alarms come with a wireless alert that is secured onto the clothes of the owner so that he can simply walk around with it.

In a home setting, the entrance alarm systems are good in alerting the homeowners of any visitors in the driveway or approaching the entry point which is important as it reduces surprises of having people within the home without being aware of it. The alerts come in the form of a ring when a person is detected within the area they are set to serve. For businessmen, they are important since they ensure that all customers are received in the manner they should instead of finding the store empty and leaving.
When making the decision of what kind of an entry alarm to go for, it is important to consider the purpose you want it for. There are cases which are better to have a doorbell than an entrance alarm system and this should therefore be well examined to avoid cases of the alert becoming a nuisance due to constant moving.

The area to be covered should also be evaluated since this may mean that a different version of the alarms might be needed depending on the space. Entrance alert systems are important in keeping invaders away and in case there was no expected visitor and could be a case of an intruder, the owner of the property will be alert and will find the right way of coming out to know who is calling. It is also easy to get enough time to call the authorities in cases of intruders in the premises.

It is quite essential to install entry alert systems, not just for the sake of proper running of the business but also as a security measure that is quite needed and is important within the business premises and the home area

The Welcoming Sound of a Door Chime

For many of us door chimes are so ordinary, they just make a loud noise that startles the entire family and at times makes them grumpy to hear the door chime.

Today, there has been an evolution in wireless doorbells. There are many to choose from and you can program them to play a variety of tunes that your family will enjoy listening to. Many of the wireless doorbells can even be programmed to play your favorite sport teams fight song. You can set it to play during the sport season and have everyone smile when they hear it. Or how about the grand sound of the mighty Big Ben in London? There are many chimes that can be chosen and depending on the type of chime that you purchase your wireless doorbell can actually be programmed with a favorite song by simply downloading a song from the internet.

Most door chimes are wired into the walls of your home, so removing them can be a horrible mess. This also includes having to remove the doorbell button. With a simple clip of the wire on the doorbell button and a little electrical tape, the old door chime can be removed and a new one installed. With the wireless door chimes, you simply have to either glue tape or screw in the new doorbell button for your new door chime.

If you have a home that has never had a door bell installed, this is a great way to add a touch of improvement to your home without much effort. You can install it yourself. Many of the manufacturers have simple instructions and walk you through step by step installing your new unit.

There are a lot of places that you can shop to find a wireless door bell. First off, check with your local hardware stores, you can find a wireless doorbell starting at around $20 and up. Remember though, if you choose one of the lower priced bell you only have a small selection of tunes to choose from. Some wireless doorbells can run as much as $100 or more, again this depends on the programming it allows you to do. Don’t forget to shop online as well to see what you can find. Some websites offer you the opportunity to hear some of the chimes that are offered for the different systems. There is even one bell that has a man singing “Nobody’s home.” May visitors to your home may get a kick out of this little trick. Many feel it is a better idea to shop online before they shop in a local store, it is a way to save gas and in many cases time as well because you do not have to worry about traffic or running to several different locations and the possibly back again to find what you are searching for.

Your Door Entry Security is Important

Whether or not you realize it, a lot of crime happens by simply letting someone into your place of business. That is why making sure that you are doing all that you can do to prevent something bad from happening is so important, especially in these tough, economic times. Hard times make people do things that they ordinarily would not do. Acts of desperation can hurt the innocent just as easily as they can hurt anyone. So, make sure that you are taking all the necessary precautions by having your door entry security be effective and in top working order.

You never want to wait until it is too late when it comes to something like safety precautions. Making sure that you are perfectly prepared for any kind of situation is the best way to avoid having one of them at all. That is why if you do not have something that is already set up and in place, it is important that you do this as soon as you possibly can. Check out some doorbell resources if that is the case, so that you can see just what all of your options are when it comes to this kind of thing.

Getting caught in a vulnerable position is something that you need to be responsible for, especially if you have any valuables that would be of interest to someone who is desperate for some quick cash and has no problems breaking the law. And if you have any employees working for you, their safety is something that you must keep in mind at all times as well. Taking care of what you need to take care of is a simple fact of life that we all have to deal with from time to time, so do what you need to do today.

Entry Alerts Add Security to Business

Most small business owners are keen on the physical security of their business property, especially after hours. More often than not, what goes unnoticed is the security of the facility and employees during normal business hours.

If you do not have normal foot traffic coming in and out of your facility, lock the doors, keep people safe. You can always add an easy to install wireless doorbell Dimango. If you do expect foot traffic, deliveries, etc., I would recommend a solid entry alarm. With several to choose from, these entry alerts are easy to install devices that will detect an entrance; whether it is a hallway, door way, bay door, garage door, etc. Whether the entry alert is based on movement or a magnetic contact is disrupted, a wireless signal is sent to a receiver that typically chimes when an alert is received.

Carlon Dimango Entrance Alert for Businesses

We have many to choose from. Please do not hesitate to call or email us for assistance.