Protect Your Home With an Entry Alarm

When you walk through your front door your security system gives a quick chime letting you know that the front door has been opened. This is an incredibly secure feeling because you know that if you are inside your home you will hear that same chime when someone walks through your front door. This entry alert system allows you time to contact the authorities if someone has entered your house against your will.

An entrance alert can come in many forms. The two that are most common are wireless motion sensors and security contacts. Wireless motion sensors actually produce an infrared signal that covers the specific area of entry. When that area is breached, the entry alert will be notified. The signal will then be sent automatically to the receiver and the entry alarm will sound. Common types of entry alarms include a chime, buzzer, strobe light, or siren.

The second most common type of entry alert is a security contact. Metallic contacts are installed around the edges of the doors and windows that you wish secured. When these metal contacts are touching, your home is secure. When these metal contacts are separated, the entrance alarm is notified and the entrance alert can then be sounded. This type of entry alarm is less expensive than the infrared type, but it is also much easier to tamper with.

It is important to take into consideration your specific security needs when picking your entrance alarm system. Do you require maximum security protection or do you simply wish to feel more secure in your own home? Do you own a business or a large home and wish to protect against any conceivable threat? Do you have expensive items within your home or business that would be a great loss if stolen? Have you had security threats or breaches in the past? These are all very important items to consider when picking your security system which is why we are here to guide you through your security system planning process. Our experts will work with you to ensure that you have a security system which meets your every need!