The Welcoming Sound of a Door Chime

For many of us door chimes are so ordinary, they just make a loud noise that startles the entire family and at times makes them grumpy to hear the door chime.

Today, there has been an evolution in wireless doorbells. There are many to choose from and you can program them to play a variety of tunes that your family will enjoy listening to. Many of the wireless doorbells can even be programmed to play your favorite sport teams fight song. You can set it to play during the sport season and have everyone smile when they hear it. Or how about the grand sound of the mighty Big Ben in London? There are many chimes that can be chosen and depending on the type of chime that you purchase your wireless doorbell can actually be programmed with a favorite song by simply downloading a song from the internet.

Most door chimes are wired into the walls of your home, so removing them can be a horrible mess. This also includes having to remove the doorbell button. With a simple clip of the wire on the doorbell button and a little electrical tape, the old door chime can be removed and a new one installed. With the wireless door chimes, you simply have to either glue tape or screw in the new doorbell button for your new door chime.

If you have a home that has never had a door bell installed, this is a great way to add a touch of improvement to your home without much effort. You can install it yourself. Many of the manufacturers have simple instructions and walk you through step by step installing your new unit.

There are a lot of places that you can shop to find a wireless door bell. First off, check with your local hardware stores, you can find a wireless doorbell starting at around $20 and up. Remember though, if you choose one of the lower priced bell you only have a small selection of tunes to choose from. Some wireless doorbells can run as much as $100 or more, again this depends on the programming it allows you to do. Don’t forget to shop online as well to see what you can find. Some websites offer you the opportunity to hear some of the chimes that are offered for the different systems. There is even one bell that has a man singing “Nobody’s home.” May visitors to your home may get a kick out of this little trick. Many feel it is a better idea to shop online before they shop in a local store, it is a way to save gas and in many cases time as well because you do not have to worry about traffic or running to several different locations and the possibly back again to find what you are searching for.