Doorbell to Alert Entrance

As per Wikipedia, the electric doorbell was created in 1831 by a gentleman named Joseph Henry. I would imagine doorbells in various forms existed way before then though. A knocker at the front door, a bell in the front door, or a good kick to the door.

I know anyone reading this blog wants to know who and when the electric doorbell was created. The Victorians created the first brass bell hop bell

victorian brass entrance bell for business front desk

But what about the name, door bell or doorbell, where did that come from?  A Piece of metal attached to hinge, or others used a bell attached to a string. hence the name “door bell”

Pool Safety – Entry Alarm

Have installed a pool at our home a few years ago,  ensuring we kept our children safe was the number one priority.  Where we live, the county required the pool is fenced in and there is some sort of door chime to alert us when the children go outside.  Our home alarm system does send out a chime when a door is opened.  The problem is that the control panel, where the sound comes from is upstairs and the basement door we need to monitor is down stairs – we wouldn’t be able to hear it.

The solution:  The Carlon/Dimango RC2260 Entry Alarm, a.k.a. Entrance Alert

Pool Safety Entry Alarm or Entrance Alert

This was so simple to mount.  What you see are the transmitter (the two smaller peices) and the receiver.   The transmitters would mount on the door and you would plug the receiver to where you want to hear the chime.