Use an Entry Alarm to Ward Off Criminals

An entry alarm can be installed on a house or property to help ward off potential criminals. An entry alarm can come in many forms, but all of them work in the

same basic manner. When an entry alert is installed, it will send a signal to the receiver when it is tripped. This signal can then be used to contact the authorities of a possible threat, or used to lock down the home or property. An entry alert is typically installed on the exterior doors of a home or on the windows of a home. The actual entrance alarm is an electronic sensor that has two leads. When these leads are connected, the alarm is armed. When one of the leads is disconnected, by a door or window being opened, the connection is lost, and the alarm will sound.


The wireless door/window entrance alert can easily be tied into your current security set-up to beef up your protection
The wireless door/window entrance alert can easily be tied into your current security set-up to beef up your protection

An entry alarm can also be used to lock down a home if it is tripped. For example, if an entry alert is placed on a front door, it could be connected electronically to the locking mechanism of the door. Whenever this alarm is tripped, the electronic locking mechanism of the front door would engage and the door would lock. This would prevent the potential intruder from accessing the house, and his attempts to break in would be thwarted.

An entrance alert could also be installed on a property fence or gate. If a person has an estate with acreage, they will often times install a security fence around the perimeter of the property to stop people from coming through their fence, and onto their property. A gate on a fence could have this entrance alarm installed and the alarm would send a signal to the security company whenever the alarm is tripped. The entrance alert could also have an audible signal which would go off is anybody triggered the fence gate. This alarm would attract anybody within a one mile radius, and the potential trespasser would leave immediately. There is technology now available that would actually allow the entrance alert to be sent to a cell phone, so the property owner would know if and when someone were to trespass on his property. He could then contact the authorities, or take care of the problem himself. These alerts are excellent ways to protect a home or property and will pay for themselves ten times over in the event of a potential intrusion.